Reflexivity and Big BOLD next steps

18 Apr

My resting face as I daydream and plot moves

So, since I’ve been back from London, I have had so many thoughts run through my head.  One has been reflecting on the ways in which I am a contributor to the privileges of those who do not look like me and an enabler to the covetousness of those privileges for those who do look like me.  In plain English, I took a large group of students who were, for the majority, of the power dominant group to a country with a deep, rich history in conquest and imperialist power.  Overall, they LOVED the trip (that’s a good thing but my critical bend sees the problem with it too).  There was a small group of students of color who also went on the trip, but were so mesmerized by embracing and coveting the “high culture” of London, that they looked down on and even disparaged any person of color that they encountered. It was a bit embarrassing, and I felt empathy for each person they encountered negatively.  I wanted to do more than what I did to fix it and them.  But then I had to take a step back.

This side of me learned the art of cool, calm intellectual clap back this trip.

As a scholar who centers Blackness in just about everything that I do, I felt as though I failed.  However, my time to reflect shows me I need to look forward not backward.  How can I contribute to those who are not yet “semi-grown” and knowing it all?  I have a non-profit that just needs a boo$t to launch and guinea pigs in my house.

I know. They’re adorbs, right?!

I have four children, all under the age of 7 years old (I know, I know).  These children deserve to see a world that centers them and values their blackness, their awesome and their ancestral history of intelligence, authenticity, service to others and nurturing. They also need to effortlessly center themselves in every position they find themselves in life.  Center themselves not just because others don’t, but because they know enough about where they come from that they can see it no other way but to be at the table whether by open invitation or necessity.

So I’ve been thinking about how can I make this world my children’s classroom?  How do I expose others while I am teaching my own?  What would it take?  What do I need to do?  How would I need to plan?  Heck, where do I start?  I’m thinking, plotting, strategizing, in the lab in BOLD new ways.

Right now, I’m not sure how this is going to end up.  But I am focusing on it so that by year’s end, big confident steps and strides have been made.

That’s all I got.  Me brain dumping all my current questions in order to start this plan “officially.” Do any of you have experience with global classrooms, traveling with small children and/or unschooling?  Please comment below.  That would be most helpful.
Oh, wait.  I guess I need to bring the hubster up to speed, huh?

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