BBB Guate Takeover, Day 1 – ¡Ya estamos!

17 Jun

Day 1 and we have ARRIVED in Guatemala! Hooray! Baby boy has not been on a plane for a minute so he got to enjoy himself fully…down to a pic in the cockpit!

Guatemala for me is just a welcome back, but it is always so interesting to see it through fresh eyes, this time I get the joy and honor of seeing it through fresh adult eyes and fresh child eyes!

As a travel day, we were pretty low key. Checking in to the hotel walking a bit around the surrounding area. One thing I will suggest, don’t be too zealous on the first day with littles. Think about how much travel takes you out, and double that for children. Between the excitement of traveling and the subsequent downshift that comes with it SIEMPRE, there will be a range of emotions from everyone, YOU included. It worked really well to just walk a bit to the local mall, eat a little something and then go to a play area. THAT WAS THE MOST MAGICAL 10 MINUTES of the day!

Seriously, as parents, we got to sit and the kids ran for a bit AND nobody objected to laying it down for a bit after.

SCORE 1 for the win!!!!!!!!!!

TRAVELING WITH MY NOW TWEEN: everything is shiny and new. I would suggest having talks about window shopping and searching for better deals. This tween is quick to spend all the Quetzales hoy día!


I was soooooooo excited and now that I am here, I am enjoying the beautiful culture of Guatemala. I really liked seeing the street vendors and the sidewalk markets. They have really cool clothing here too! I feel pretty good about my Spanish. I am able to communicate with people. I can’t wait to go to the Palacio and the markets tomorrow!

I had to have him write his part first, because now he is FAST ASLEEP!

Hasta mañana, mi gente!

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