BBB Guate Takeover, Day 3 – Planes no son seguros

20 Jun

They say the best laid plans……well, you know the rest. I had the FABULOUS idea to include the Museo Miraflores, and interactive family museum about Mayan history and culture as a part of the itinerary for Day 3. However, there is currently a COMPLETE overhaul of the museum (it literally was ripped down to the foundation, something NOT mentioned on the website) and we had to make do. Luckily enough, the museum is attached to a mall…..

Y’all went all the way to Guatemala to go the mall, Kami? For real?!

But look at the logic: The mall had a play park inside (AND A BOOKSTORE more on that later), the kids were able to run around on their own in order to blow off steam and it made getting through the Museo Popol Vuh and Museo Ixchel that much more calm. These museums also talk about Mayan history and culture, but with much less interaction (they’re housed together on a college campus).

Toad altar Museo Popol Vuh

Miniature Urn, Museo Popol Vuh

Mayan clothing in Modern Times, Museo Ixchel

The good thing about Popol Vuh is they had a scavenger hunt for the kids. At first, my tween wanted to act like he was too cool, but soon enough they were on the floor trying to compare answers (well really Deuce was giving answers).

What’s usually helpful to be adaptable when traveling with children. This came in handy today. The other thing (me putting on the academic hat now), the arc of culture shock comes faster with kids, and they are not always sure of how to handle the range of emotions. That was MY child today and blowing off some time in the play park did wonders for his adjustment!

Mañana, Antigua….

OH! Learned a valuable tip about transportation today: Although usually it’s a good idea to cultivate relationships with the taxi drivers, please trust e when I say the relationship should be with whoever is the hotel taxi! The wallet almost caught a bad one working with an airport taxi driver. If I hadn’t been to Guatemala before I might have missed it. Luckily I knew that our trip today was only supposed to cost 40Q, he charged twice that! Y qué?! Nah man, we not doing that and you just lost business to Antigua. #sorrynotsorry

Boy bye!

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